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RACING EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT! Main Gate Opens at 4:00 pm, Racing Starts at 6:00 pm

Track Rental

The track is normally available for rent on a first come first serve basis March through October.

Normal Track Rental hours

Monday – Wednesday 9 am til 5 pm

Thursdays 9m til 4 pm

Friday 9 am til 5 pm

Select Saturday Mornings.

Track may also be rented on Friday nights after 5 pm however there will be an additional $50.00 per hour charge to cover additional labor costs plus light charge if lights are needed.

Contact Kelli Cunningham for availability of rental times 615-643-8725

Rental cost is $100.00 per hour with a two hour minimum. This is for a single car and driver

Up to 7 additional cars can participate during this time for an additional $25.00 per hour per car with the permission of the original renter of the track and track officials.

Maximum 2 full size cars on the track at any one time.

Legends, Baby Grand and Dwarf are maximum of 3 cars on track at any one time.

All cars must keep at least 10 car lengths in between other cars.

All rental money will be collected from original renting driver. Other permitted drivers must pay the original renting driver, who will pay track officials.

Rental Rates:

1 car $100.00 per hour

2 cars $125.00 per hour

3 cars $150.00 per hour

4 cars $175.00 per hour

5 cars $200.00 per hour

6 cars $225.00 per hour

7 cars $250.00 per hour

8 cars $275.00 per hour

9 cars $300.00 per hour

Track lights be turned on for track rental at night at an additional cost to your track rental.

Additional cost for use of lights is $100.00 for the first hour and $50.00 additional dollars per hour after that.

Please Be Prompt with Start and Stop times.

Track rental starts and stops promptly at the times requested.. If you requested 10:00 to 12:00 track rental your time starts at 10:00 sharp whether your are on the track practicing or not.

If you have the track from 10-12 and you show up at 10:30 it does not mean you can run until 12:30 it means you have from 10:30 to 12:00 to practice and will be billed for the 2 hours you requested.

Make sure when your time is up you get loaded up promptly as possible many times we have multiple track rental time scheduled in a day.. Once your track rental starts you are responsible for the entire Time you reserved the track for and for all additional renters that you have allowed to share that time with you. If you rent the track for 2 hours with 3 additional people and 1 or more persons has a problem with their car or wrecks you will still be billed for 2 hours track rental for 4 cars (2 hours at $175 per hour (4 cars)= $350.00.

Your time started when you originally requested and are billed promptly for entire time you have reserved the track. In the case of an emergency situation and the track is not open on time for your practice you will not be billed for your time until you go onto the track and will only be billed for the amount of time used

If your car breaks 5 minutes into a 2 hour practice you will still be billed for a 1/2 the scheduled practice as we have to make arrangements for Track officials to be available to work and Insurance coverage.. Once you reserve the track you are Responsible for the cost to rent the track during those hours.. ONLY exception is inclement weather.

Start and Stop Times
Be prompt with your practice times. If you have the track rented from 10:00 to 12:00. You should be at the track at 9:30 to sign in and get unloaded.

You will be allowed to enter the track up to 30 minute before your reserved time to start in order to get set up so as to maximize your track rental time.

If you rent the track you may pull your car and trailer onto pit road during your practice times however Do not get on the track until the specific

time your requested or at the officials approval… If you are setup early and the official approves it you may move your start and stop times up if you wish.

Track Cleanup
We always encourage you to walk the track before any cars enter the track to check for debris. We are not responsible for any debris that may cut a tire or injury someone participating in track rental

EMT Service
EMT service is not provided during practice and rental times. However our local EMT service is located only 3 miles from the Speedway.

Track Clean up
All renters are responsible for all clean up of track if anything is put on track by a person renting the track.. (Track will supply brooms and stay dry.. you supply the labor) Track rental does not stop if you

Have something happen to your car.

Arrangements can be made to purchase Fuel & Race tires during track rental.

Tire are normally available for purchase however staff to operate Tire Changer will not be available during track rental practice.

Wrecker service is not available during track rental. If you wreck it is your responsibility to get your car removed, loaded and track cleaned up.

Multiple Track Rentals
Many times the track is rented back to back especially before big races.. Please make sure when your time is up you get loaded up as soon as possible so the track is available for the next rental asap.

You may cancel your track rental at no cost to you with a minimum 24 hours notice. If you cancel within 8 hours of the track rental time you requested you will be billed $100.00.

If the weather becomes inclement during your reserved rental time and you have to stop practicing, you will only be billed for the time the track was in useable condition. If the weather clears and we have multiple renters behind you every effort will be made to get everyone some rental time.

Concessions are not normally open during track rentals however we do have a Coke Machine with ICE Cold drinks in the infield for your convenience.

There is no additional admission fee to the pits during track rental for your crew however everyone must sign the pit wavier and minors must have a signed & Notarized Minors release..

Must have a signed and notarized minors release and stay with Tow vehicle at all times..

Once the practice time is over the original person renting the track should come to the office to pay for all track rental immediately after the practice time concludes. The original renter of the track is responsible for gathering money from additional renter..

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